The Witch Of PortobelloThe Witch Of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

this review refers to the audiobook. which makes it sort of unfair to the actual print book, but only sort of.

so ya! this reader… she gives each of the characters an accent, which is probably somewhere in line with the print version (i’m assuming anyway it wasn’t written to be enunciated in pure broadcast English, altho i don’t know how much dialect the print implied). so. accents. they start out sort of different, but as each character progresses, they all end up sounding like native english speakers doing a russian accent, badly.

  • so, the italian catholic priest sounds like a russian.
  • the beirut mom sounds like a russian.
  • the london boyfriend even sounds a little russian.

none of this, however, masks the level of trope in the writing. supposedly about finding your own path and honoring your own gifts, it has an amazing amount of god-bothering and Deepak-level pop psych. maybe it changes in the latter half of the book? i don’t know, i gave up. it was a race between irritation at the narrator and boredom at the writing, and in the end, they both won.