The Carrier (Spilling CID, #8)The Carrier by Sophie Hannah

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sophie Hannah has ruined yet another weekend. drat the woman anyway. here all i wanted to do this weekend was get out, catch some rays, tidy up a few messy corners of my life… but nooooo. i had to get next to nothing done because i couldn’t stop reading this book.

Sophie Hannah’s mysteries have this wonderful twistiness to them. it’s not the cheap kind of twistiness, the kind that serves only to murk up the plot… it’s the kind where the characters are twisty. pretty much every fact or clue you need to know is in the first chapter, and then it takes the whole book to figure out who’s lying, who’s delusional, who can’t handle an obvious truth.

and of course, the icing on the mystery: the consummate weirdness of charlie and simon, and wondering whether simon will ever become human (not a human/Dalek hybrid) before charlie gets sick of it all and leaves.

not one to give anything up about mysteries… so let me just say that i didn’t figure this one out until whodunit was revealed. (so i guess technically i didn’t figure it out at all.) that’s really quite a recommendation in itself, for fans of difficult mysteries, because i usually do figure it out long before. Sophie Hannah’s great that way: i know she’s handing me all the clues, and i still can’t put it together.

so yes another weekend ruined. please, Sophie, do it again. soon.