The Windup GirlThe Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

don’t read this book unless you want a very complex tale of:

  • what constitutes humanity
  • climate scariness
  • the predations of capitalism
  • the meaning of loyalty
  • the rights of sovereign states
  • alt-futures
  • the definition of nature in a human-tampered world
  • postapocalyptica
  • the frailties and beauties of humans in horrifically difficult situations
  • skullduggery
  • energy politics
  • resurrected mastodons
  • political revolution
  • genetic manipulation
  • and more other etcetera, just tossed in as asides, than i can recount.

this was hands-down the best sf book of its year, and possibly of many since (rivaled in my opinion only by the recent Ancillary Justice and Blindsight) for wildly complex tales of literary derring-do. can’t recommend it highly enough and can’t think of one damn thing to say to its detriment.