Wet RecklessWet Reckless by Cassandra Dallett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

just to prove i’m not a total barbarian, here’s a poetry review.

it fucking rocked!

Dallett lets you know throughout this memoir that she’s a big woman with a hot temper who could pound you into sidewalk sauce if she wanted to… and yet an astute reader can see she’s also a big woman with a big heart who carries some deep hurts. in this poetic memoir, she’s made diamonds out of coal, for sure.

Dallet had a very unusual hippie-fueled childhood, clearly, and a sometimes hair-raising youth. in this book we get everything from a homegrown pig slaughter to a recitation of arrests to a first kiss. i’m quite sure this book is not all of the author’s experience, but yikes… she covers some turf.

i’m not a big contemporary poetry fan… i find a lot of it to be bellybutton lint or just plain un-poetic. i mean, you can tell who’s a) felt their world deeply and b) got the sensitivity to language to make that experience shine (or sand your skin off, whichever the intent). Dallett has both in spades, and she’s not coy about letting you into her world. i suggest you take her up on her invite, and walk with her… it’s an unforgettable experience.