Picture This: How Pictures WorkPicture This: How Pictures Work by Molly Bang

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i ran across this on my shelves today while looking for books to donate to a good cause. this one, i felt, was perfect for my cause, but i didn’t want to give it up.

so i ordered another. yay! win/win.

what makes this book so wonderful is that it introduces a person to visual composition with absolutely zero pretension, and yet quite elegantly covers the basics: size, position, shape, color, motion, foreground/background. ya, you can buy any of a zillion books on the subject, but i double-dog dare you to find one that accomplishes the task with such simplicity and clarity.

so! my book is safe. another is on the way for donation. if you’re at all interested in the fundamentals of composition, you should order one too. you may find that, like me, you’ll be unable to give it up, even for a very good cause šŸ™‚