Notes from the Internet ApocalypseNotes from the Internet Apocalypse by Wayne Gladstone

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

for an sf geek, it’s a pretty irresistible premise: what would happen if teh internets died? or got kidnapped, or ran away from home, or whatever… but it was gone.

alas, what it really is, for the most part, is an extended riff on stupidity and porn. granted, these do make up a large part of the internet, but focus is all, you know? you can spend your internet days reading idiotic shit and wanking, or you can spend time at any of a bazillion sites that can introduce you to your known unknowns and unknown unknowns, and educate you about things you never even knew existed.

so this book’s commentary on teh internets falls rather flat, for me. that, and an excess of fart and tit and blowjob jokes, and a viciously casual misogyny… it’s not nearly as clever as it likes to think it is. and ya, i do get that that’s how the internet itself is, and this is parody… but this kind of parody is shooting fish in a barrel.

but the writer makes some pretty sentences, and there is a great deal of absurdity, and for a geek, it’s the mother tongue of in-jokes. i don’t think those things make the book worth reading, but they did get me from page to page, anyway.

so, meh. if you see a copy lying abandoned on a bus bench, nab it. otherwise don’t bother.