The ManticoreThe Manticore by Robertson Davies

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the second of Davies’ Deptford Trilogy, this book looks in on the life of David Staunton. could be subtitled The Legal Mind vs. Jung.

it’s an interesting exploration of Jungian psychology, rather older hat now than it was when published, i’m sure. still, we get a tour of Boy Staunton as seen by his son and a few more clues in the mystery of Who Killed Boy Staunton.

David is, despite being acerbic and chilly, a rather sympathetic character–one can definitely empathize with his struggles to come to terms with his past and his overbearing da, the attempted suicide of his mum. he is so damned hard on himself, our David.

the language in this book, as in Fifth Business, is just lovely, and the insight into human nature and cruelty (intended and otherwise) stunning. alas, again in this book there aren’t any women worth paying much attention to, but it’s still a fabulous read.