Some Kind Of Fairy TaleSome Kind Of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

so, this book is an interesting exercise in belief: do you believe the outlandish is possible? what evidence would sway you one way or another? would any?

our heroine disappears from her home at the age of 16 and is not seen again for another 20 years, when she shows up at her parental home (wow, do people not move in britain?) largely unchanged, physically. she has clearly had An Experience, but none in her familial or immediate circles is quite willing to believe what she says is true.

i rather liked this book for its insistence that we must not dismiss the deeply weird out of hand, and that science is not the answer to all questions. it does a pretty good job of messing with your head in that respect–not just will you but can you believe that she wandered off into fairyland? (which doesn’t much resemble the usual fairylands, either.)

a person of a rationalist, scientific bent would probably find this question pretty stupid. i probably would have when i was younger. but i rather like the taste of it, because i sometimes get a sneaking feeling that our perceived and socially acceptable reality is not all there is to the story. i don’t know what the rest of the story might be, but i’m damned curious to find out… and if it’s fairyland, wehell that’s more intriguing than another night in front of the tv, for sure.