Falling GlassFalling Glass by Adrian McKinty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

i totally loved McKinty’s The Troubles trilogy–partly for the history, partly for the mystery, and partly cause McKinty could swing from sahara-level dry humor to poetic description within a couple paragraphs.

this book, not so much.

it’s okay, for sure. our protag, the Pavee Killian, is a former enforcer/heavy/hit man who has so refined his skills that he need merely talk to people, or look hard at them, for them to cave in and do as he wishes. deciding that he needs an education, he signs on for a BA in architecture; finding that retirement doesn’t make enough money, he signs on for One More Job.

the Pavee lore and the speculations on humans’ relationship to shelter are pretty interesting. but frankly a lot of the rest of the book is just pretty formulaic. it’s not bad formula, and if you have a rainy afternoon to kill and a big bowl of popcorn, the experience could rank pretty high up there on the contentment scale.

ultimately though, i’d have to say, read the Troubles Trilogy instead.