Human RemainsHuman Remains by Elizabeth Haynes

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

to me, this book is just dismally boring. even more boring than watching a body decompose.

the premise is that this perv goes around convincing lonely people that it’s better off if they’re dead, and then somehow mind-melds with them so that they don’t run off to the local Tesco and buy sixteen quarts of ice cream when they’re hungry but instead starve themselves to death. hard to get past the likelihood of the mind-meld thing working, but ok, i can accept that as a premise.

and it’s a pretty good one, you know? more and more people live alone and disconnected (although sorry, Haynes, the hikkikomori phenom is a whole different ball of wax). and probably a lot more of them die alone and unnoticed than used to be the norm. but…

is everybody in this book a really really boring cliche? not one character up to halfway through the book has anything at all insightful to say. not one can shed any light whatsoever on loneliness, or apathy, or depression, or what might push a person to either side of the live/die divide.

and they’re all so amazingly honest and clear! each inhabits TruthLand, where self-deception, evasion, and deranged thinking do not occur. many are suicidal, but they’re all so rational about it. maybe because they’re british? maybe suicidal brits are paragons of Reason? ya right.

so, into the recycle pile. there may be human remains aplenty in this book, but there are no humans.