What the Dead KnowWhat the Dead Know by Laura Lippman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


it’s actually a rather brilliant setup, and i didn’t twig on to the solution until the end, which is what a good murder mystery should do. but somehow i remain rather unimpressed… for all the examination of the furnishings inside the many characters’ heads, none of them felt particularly whole to me.

hmmm…. seems like a really good thing to analzye, why a perfectly good mystery such as this isn’t great. this book really doesn’t have any horrible flaws–the plot still makes sense when all has been revealed, the pacing is good, the clues and herrings appropriately deposited, no characters suddenly behaving way out of character just in order to advance the plot or connect some dots, no deus ex machina solution. so where’s the dividing line between a book like this and, say, one by Tana French or Sophie Hanna, which i think are generally great?

this one won’t stick with me, i know, unless i spend a lot more time doing a postmortem. six months from now i will have forgotten i read it. whereas i will have probably re-read French’s or Hannah’s books between now and then… hmmm. hmmmm. what is the diff?