HeadhuntersHeadhunters by Jo Nesbø

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

this review refers to the audiobook version.

i think this should be properly called a “caper” rather than a murder mystery, and since nobody’s here to disagree, that’s what i’m gonna call this.

the story is told by Roger Brown, corporate headhunter and fairly icky dude, about events surrounding his much-beloved wife, his lover, an ex-special forces job candidate, nano-sized GPS tracking devices, and a tiny art theft ring, all of which goes from pleasant equilibrium to thorough disaster.

the story’s very well told, very nicely paced and well constructed. there are more loose ends than can be found in a spaghetti pot, but Nesbo does manage to tie them all into logical conclusions by the end. it’s a pretty masterful job of authorial control, truly.

it’s not a book with a lot of depth, for sure, and given its comic tone i don’t suppose it was meant to be. that’s all fine… i guess my one qualm is that there’s no one to like here, and therefore no one to root for–it’s more fun, in a caper, to be rooting for somebody, underdog or not.

not a bad book to spend an airline flight on. but also not one that will stick with me.