The Sardonyx NetThe Sardonyx Net by Elizabeth A. Lynn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

sort of like Downton Abbey, except in future space, and with slavery and torture.

ahahahaha! sorry, just couldn’t pass up a chance to write that.

ok, so, upstairs: Rhani and Zed Yago, a sister/brother pair who control a giant corporation on a planet that uses a great deal of slave labor, the slaves being convicts sentenced to specific lengths of slavery and sold at a Yago Corp auction.

downstairs: Starcaptain Dana, only semi-legally arrested and chosen by Zed for the Yago household, cause Zed likes to do torturer things to certain slaves.

of course Rhani falls for Dana, and so Zed, with great effort, keeps his torturer paws off poor enslaved Dana as much as he can.

in the meantime, there are plots afoot against the hallowed institution of slavery itself and House Yago as its main beneficiary. Bad Things Happen. etc.

most of the plot stuff is decently handled but not in the end terribly surprising. the one thing that would have been genuinely interesting, in the context of this book, is for it to have shown what slavery really means to a slave, and how it changes one not born to it. but the book glosses over most of that… pity.

it’s on ok book. the science fiction was hardly that–it was really a social novel (or maybe a romance) with some gadgets. but you know, an ok read.

it does have one of the most delightful typos i’ve ever seen, though, on p. 20 of my edition. Starcaptain Dana (who is a guy, remember) (and who, in another wonderful typo later on in the book, is referred to as “Starcaption Dana”) is coming up on the planet and asking permission to land. so:

Zipper, MPL-48 Class, home registry Nexus, pilot and owner Starcaptain Dana Ikoro. Request permission to birth.”

ahahahhaahaha! ya, life is good 🙂