The GuardiansThe Guardians by Ana Castillo

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

ok, so maybe i’m being horribly unfair.

it sure seems like an intriguing tale, from a point of view we don’t often get: a middle-aged mexican immigrant woman who has bootstrapped herself to self-sufficiency, caring for her young nephew.

the problems are twofold: one, the audiobook was read by the author. generally, i begin to think that an author who reads her own audiobook is like an accused person acting as her own lawyer. just a bad idea all around. this author reads with a kind of nasal flatness that i find downright enervating.

two: all the characters tell their stories first-person, which would be ok if they had some flaws. but they’re all flawless people. good people, hard workers, hosed by baddies. i’m thoroughly sure such people do exist, and i’m equally sure they make for boring fiction.

plus, i smell a polemic coming on. so, an hour and a half into it, i give up.