1414 by Peter Clines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

(this refers to the audiobook version of this novel.)

CAUTION!!!!!! this book gets 5 stars from me not because it’s deathless litrachaa, but because it is perfect popcorn.

this book pulls off the seemingly impossible: it includes just about every science fiction/horror cliche ever written, but still manages to be entertaining as hell. i plan to study this book to see how the author pulled that off. it’s like a made-for-tv-movie book.

but i really do mean the five stars of this review. i’m not trying to be ironic. viewed a from a certain angle, this book is funny as hell. for all i know this is really what the author intended: a sort of tongue-in-cheek tribute to BEMs and Lovecraft, with a splash of modernity. don’t ask me how, but it works.

if i were you, i wouldn’t read this book, however, i’d listen to it. i think it must be a totally different experience to read it, probably a great deal more unappealing. if you listen to the audiobook, you can get some knitting done while you’re listening. a little distraction helps when the cliches fall hard and fast.

when i first started listening, i found the reader’s choices kind of irritating–this sort of weird, hiccupy delivery, pauses in odd places. the voices of the characters he does extremely well, but long stretches of narration can feel like being in a car with a malfunctioning clutch. once i got used to it, though, it started to remind me of 1940s newsreel narration. not perfectly–you’re not going to have a sudden urge to build a bomb shelter–but something about the tone. if you, dear review reader, listen to it and have any thoughts on that, i’d be glad to hear them.