Jesus LandJesus Land by Julia Scheeres
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

must be my week to read books about the myriad creative ways people torment teens.

this book i think bites off a tad more than it can chew: 1970s-80s racial prejudice, evangelical christianity, and extraterritorial group homes for teens. any one of these alone would have made for a horrific and meaty memoir. the three of them together in one is a tad more than can be digested.

Scheeres gives it a solid try, and succeeds quite nicely in parts. her love for her brother shines through all the nastier parts of the story. the horror of their appalling parents, the complete lack of help from any adult in their realm… quite chilling.

and in the end those adults become actively threatening rather than merely inept.

i’m off to read something like Oh, the Places You’ll Go!.