No NameNo Name by Wilkie Collins
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

ever wonder if you’re abandoning a book just when it’s about to get good? that’s where i am with this one. but it can’t be said i didn’t give it a fair go! i’m tossing it in the resell pile at page 351.

so the thing that kept me reading this far was our young heroine. the back cover says she gets shafted and vows revenge, and for a young girl in the 1850-somethings, that sounds interesting. and she does start out rather unusual–full of an electric vitality, prone to getting her way, not at all a shrinking violet.

and ya, then she (and her sister) get shafted.

she does set out to get her revenge, altho in a roundabout way at first. this is where the book started to lose me… cause she apparently really liked acting and had a gift for it before the shafting, but now she’s just using it. after a few more disappointments, she’s just all about the revenge.

but the fire has gone out of her by page 351. and as none of the other characters really had any to begin with, i just can’t see any point in going on.

frankly, i can’t see what mr. dickens saw in mr. collins’ work.