HitchersHitchers by Will McIntosh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

i bought this one because i really enjoyed Soft Apocalypse–it was an unusual take on the end of the world. this book concerns life after death–or life after death after life.

after a terrorist attack takes out a big chunk of Atlantans, people find themselves suddenly possessed by the spirits of the dead. it’s a creepy notion, and as in Soft Apocalypse, McIntosh takes his quite everyday normal non-heroic protagonist through the weirdness realistically.

to me, though, this book fails on that very everyday protagonist. he’s just not terribly interesting. there’s really nothing that he wants, except not to succumb to possession. secondary characters tend to upstage him, including the nasty Grandpa that’s possessing him.

there are in fact a number of interesting things in the book, but as a work it’s rather like a tent without a center pole–there’s no spine to give it shape. so, ok for a beach read, i suppose, but probably not going to get permanent space on the bookshelf.