Our Mutual FriendOur Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i refer to the audiobook in this review, not the print volume.

again, my adding any hurrahs to Dickens is like pissing in the ocean, but…

if you can read this book without being blown away by Bella, you are made of far sterner stuff than i. it is astonishing how well Dickens could write women. what a mercurial, infuriating, and adorable young creature Bella is… she outshines everyone else in the book by several orders of intensity. she’s at her best when she’s bad, and she’s funny when she’s good, and if modern readers are disappointed that she never takes up feminist doctrine, well, all one can say is, it hadn’t been written yet.

ya. Bella. just read it for Bella.