Bleak HouseBleak House by Charles Dickens

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(i’m really referring here to the Audible audiobook, but can’t find that one in the list.)

i read through most of Dickens’ work when i was in my 20s–i always found him incredibly funny. lately here much further down the road i am re-reading or listening to his works, and they feel so much richer to me. i stand in awe of his skill in a way that otherwise, only Shakespeare inspires in me.

what a great heart had the man!

i am convinced that my efforts to add to Dickens’ encomiums amount to something less than a flea on an elephant’s butt, so i won’t. but do read it, or listen to it (this Audible edition was quite marvellously read, by the way). then do it again 10 years from now, and 10 years after that. you will be rewarded every time.