Tattoo (Ice Song #2)Tattoo by Kirsten Imani Kasai

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

got to page 93… cannot finish.

i see from other reviews that this book is a sequel to Ice Song, a fact not made evident by any copy on the front or back covers. this is cheating. it’s bait-and-switch: you think you’re getting a standalone book, but instead, just when you’ve lost patience anyway, you find you have to buy another book to make sense of the one you’re reading.

very, very irksome.

which is a shame, cause there are some intriguing aspects to this book: gender-shifting humans, weird human/animal mixes, fairy queens with significant sexual appetites, and an unhappy demon ready to rise from myth under a frozen sea.

and Kasai’s writing isn’t bad, altho it sometimes seems to entirely lack connective tissue (which may be a result of it’s being a sequel). one finds oneself here, then there, and then way over there, with no explanation of what the connections are, or why you should care. again, maybe that’s in Ice Songs, but i suspect there are some problems like that in the first book as well.

so, a disappointment.