The RaisingThe Raising by Laura Kasischke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

literary horror? horror without the gore? here’s a ghost story wrapped in a lit-fic wrapper, a quite well-written tale of deranged sorority sisters and the lengths they will go to in protecting their twisted secrets.

so here’s the setup (not spoilery, i think this is all on the back cover): a young woman is killed in a car accident one night, but somehow doesn’t seem to be entirely dead. she keeps getting spotted by old friends and acquaintances and lovers. she is apparently not terribly happy about being dead, either, because she is most definitely not coming back to report on the angels-and-choirs thing.

but! lest you think this is just a tale for people who haven’t yet developed any crow’s feet, let me assure you there are some adults in this story, and their tales intersect with the young ‘uns doings in some uniquely horrible ways.

this book is very well-plotted and the characterization of most is superb. there’s an excess of long shining hair, which gets a bit old. and oddly, the dead young woman is probably the least-examined of all the characters in the book–it leaves one feeling that there’s a kind of donut hole in the middle of the book. but the other characters are so well-done that it’s not a killer lack.

ha. ha. snort.

read it! it’s a very enjoyable read, if not as hair-raising as horror can be. i plan to check out more of this writer’s books; if they are as well-crafted, it will be worth the time.