Tooth and ClawTooth and Claw by Jo Walton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

so… a comedy of manners with–umm-dragons.

dragons with really, really gross table manners. sometimes it’s harder to say which is more gross, how they’re eating or who they’re eating.

i don’t think Walton set out to write A Book Full of Deep Thoughts here, but she does get in some funny ones. her world-building is thorough, sometimes down the cliche level (by which i mean, she uses expressions that are clearly cliches, but written to be appropriate to her world).

it’a world of romance and wooing and blood spatter on the just-buffed scales, with a bad-guy plot thrown in to keep all the machination machinating.

if anything, i wish she had gone more over-the-top than she did. My favorite line: ‘”That’s amazing,” Avan said, amazed.’ a lesser writer would have left that in because of sloppiness, but you know Walton did it on purpose. it’s a stroke of genius. also, a chapter heading: “The narrator is forced to confess to having lost count of both proposals and confessions.”

Ms. Walton? if you’re out there writing a sequel, i want more of that sort of silliness.

a very fun, well-plotted book. just don’t read it over dinner.