A Bridge of YearsA Bridge of Years by Robert Charles Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

maybe i’m just in a mood.

or maybe the book just didn’t speak to me, y’know? not the book’s fault.

so, a grieving, messed-up guy finds a way to time travel right out of his problems into the past. which would be all well and good, except that something not-so-charming also found that way to time travel, and it wants to meet him, but not for tea and crumpets.

it’s a good setup, and Wilson is a good writer. he does good characterization, good plotting, he’s very good on small details that plant you firmly in his world.

but finally i felt like there was nothing of significance here, no question to keep a person puzzling, no philosophical central axis on which the book turned.

or maybe i’m just in a mood.