Dear CreatureDear Creature by Jonathan Case
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


what a delightful graphic novel. who’d a thunk it: a sea monster man with a love of iambic pentameter, his three little crabby friends, an agoraphobic, and romance.

the art in this graphic novel is lovely, fluid, stark. each drawing is a miniature story in itself–each frame rewards an extended admiration. the author depicts his characters with a superb sense of embodied emotion–how anguish contorts the spine, how glee opens the expression, how love can make one beautiful. truly the work of an artist who has observed creatures minutely and with great compassion.

the words of the story are entirely dialogue–no exposition. it makes for great fun, filling in the blanks, making the connections. the author clearly respects his readers–no spoon-feeding here. and iambic pentameter! what fun he must have had writing it. at least as much fun as i did reading it.

as romances go, it’s quite bent. but it is a romance, and a very satisfying one. i highly recommend reading this on the beach with some fried squid and a beach umbrella.