UtuUtu by Caryl Férey

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

what a repulsive main character. which is not always a bad thing–sometimes i like them better for not being beautiful, rich, super-zippy in the IQ department, and always on the correct moral side. but for all that to work, they have to be right somewhere in their twisted hearts.

i don’t know, maybe this guy is. i didn’t finish the book. i got to a line in which the main character is musing on the inadequacy of a woman’s breasts, and i gave up.

so, what, should she have apologized? said, i’m so sorry, i failed to grow enough boobs just for your aesthetic pleasure. no matter that she might be funny, or kind, or super-zippy–no, she’s just dismissed for not having enough boobs.

in real life i wouldn’t hang out for 10 seconds with a guy like that. so why should i spend hours on mr. protagonist’s various and sundry psychological torments (and there are a lot of them) when he’s gonna be a jerk about a woman’s boobs?

i picked up this book because i really like learning something, all fictionally, about other cultures. the maori and their history are fascinating. but in this case i have to wade through altogether too many stupid things to get to anything good.