Visa For AvalonVisa For Avalon by Bryher

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how did i not love thee? let me count the sentences…

“There was a climbing rose over the porch but it had already flowered and the only one of her sons left at home had a patch of potatoes at the back of the cottage.”

i know three-year-olds who speak like this, but as yet none of them has a book in print.

“There was just a glimpse to be seen of rough waves racing like little puppies between the old houses and the sheds.”

rough waves? little puppies? and is there a flood? oh, no, it’s the glimpse that’s between the houses &c, not the waves themselves.

“The things that his mind needed in order that it could live were being abolished by the new pattern being pressed upon the national life.”


and then people, entirely out of the blue, say things like:

“The Movement appeals to the residue of the barbarian in man that the intellectuals despise but have never tried to divert into channels where it would not be harmful.”

note to self: never, never, never buy another book with polemics right there on the back cover. even if it’s by an author i adore. never never never.

i’m going to go wash my keyboard now.

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