Troll: A Love StoryTroll: A Love Story by Johanna Sinisalo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

oh now here’s a lovely one.

i was hooked by the first paragraph–a description of a young man flirting with another, wanting to hold hands and being subtly rejected. perfectly described–not overblown or sentimental, but with feeling. perfect.

and the rest of the story is like that, too. how a man falls for a troll. his efforts to care for the young, unwell troll. how his world begins to spin around the animal, and how it changes his life.

the ending is pitch-perfect too–tragic but inevitable, and hopeful as well. not in a schmaltzy hollywood way, either. in the way of life as we live it.

there is a bit much troll lore, some of it misplaced, but all of it functioning to further and deepen the plot. so skim it if it gets to be too much, but be careful–you might miss something important. note to would-be authors: excerpting stuff written in a dry, academic style is still stuff written in a dry, academic style, even if it’s fictional dry, academic stuff.

i wholeheartedly recommend it all the same. you won’t be disappointed.

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