so today has been a mental health day. i confess, the blankets held me down this morning. such a pleasure! warm blankies… it doesn’t get any better than warm blankies. ever think about that? about what a joy it is? you’re lying there all fuzzy-headed and mushy from sleep… and the blankies are holding you gently to the bed. you probably should get up and go to work, but the blankies are humming gently to you, a sweet warm lullaby of repose. of course usually you throw them off and go to work. but some days, you have to let the blankies win.

i’ve been posting book reviews to get this site started today. thinking about books all day. i have a ton more book reviews to upload and i will as soon as i’m able. but here’s the thing… today i don’t have a book.

can you hear the sirens? WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP NO BOOK! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP NO BOOK! sort of a subconscious alarm, such as you might hear when a lion is ever so stealthily stalking you, and you can feel it just below your conscious awareness, you know that something grave is wrong.

i’ve been reading/devouring books since i could read. this year, just out of curiosity over the number of books i read in a year, i signed up for the goodreads challenge–they’ll kindly track for you the numbers. i told goodreads i’d probably read 125 books this year (i would have signed up for 150, but i didn’t sign up til March, so i cut myself some slack). as of today i have logged 104 books. a bit fewer than i expected… but then i think, damn, a lot of people don’t read 10 books in a year.

goodreads requires you to post a finish date for the book if you want it added to your tally. on that form, it politely asks for a review. you don’t have to review it. but one thing i’ve found in the last year is that i really like writing… umm, reviews. they’re not really reviews. reviews have this whole first-you-synopsize-the-plot, then-you-talk-English-Major-talk-about-the-book, then-you-pass-judgement thing. the first of those bores me. the second doesn’t do much for me if that’s not what appeals to me about the book. the third is actually pretty dumb, because books have relationships with their readers, and you can’t really judge a relationship.

so instead i just write what i think while i am reading it, or how it induced me to feel. that’s way more fun. besides, then i can write about stuff like the covers or whether the author is cute.

so that’s what this site’s about.

but right now, i don’t have a new book. it could be i will spontaneously combust, and this will be the last post i ever write. i can’t imagine a night (and the day following!) without a book, but there are no bookstores here in monterey any more.

wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll download something to my reader.

oh god, saved by technology.